One of the most important aspects of masculinity is accountability. And the beginning of accountability is self-control. A man takes responsibility. He understands that he and only he is accountable for what is in his charge.

An accountable man seeks to serve in some capacity in all his relationships because he understands that he is responsible for the health of any group of which he’s a part, whether it’s his family, his church, his work, or any other organization to which he belongs. A passive man looks to take from his relationships. He looks to be served rather than to serve.

One of the ways to destroy society is to destroy masculinity. The way to do this is to have males who are not accountable. How does this happen? Eliminate self-control. If you drink too much, look at pornography, look at things that lead to pornography, are addicted to mood-enhancing drugs, are obsessed with sports, are a workaholic, or____________, you need to stop. Stop now. Your flesh has control of you.

How do you do this? You must walk in the Spirit of God. He will give you the self-control that leads to holiness.

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