Dr. Dobson’s FamilyTalk
Ken Harrison talks with Dr. James Dobson about the real cost of pornography addiction and announces details on the PK 2020 Conference.

Stand in the Gap
When men abandon their God-given calling, women and children feel the consequences. In this interview, Ken Harrison talks revival and the potential for men to rise up as servant kings.

On the Edge
Ken Harrison discusses with the On the Edge podcast how guilt doesn’t help heal sexual sin. Listen as he discusses the solution that actually changes lives.

Point of View
Ken Harrison talks with Kerby Anderson on what it takes to cultivate personal holiness and avoid sexual sin.

Charisma Podcast Network
On the podcast with Dr. Steve Greene, Ken discusses God’s Word, the future of PK, and humility in leadership.

Faith Radio
On the air with Susie Larson, Ken Harrison talks about his personal faith journey.

At the end of this Daystar segment, Ken Harrison shares key traits of a Godly husband and father and more information about the 2020 Conference.

Steve Deace Show
What’s the definition of a real man? Ken Harrison is asked about real manhood, accountability, and responsibility.

NewLife Live!
Ken Harrison speaks on training, the Hannah Initiative, and Esther Calling projects of Promise Keepers.

Bill Martinez LIVE
Ken Harrison shares with Bill Martinez about Promise Keepers and learning to walk with God in the moment.

The Huckabee Show
Ken Harrison and Vance Day speak on the state of men in America and the Promise Keepers 2020 Conference.

RealLife on Cornerstone TV
When it comes to division in our country, Ken Harrison explains how Promise Keepers intends to help bring renewal and transformation.

700 Club Interactive
Ken discusses what it means to be a real man, the role of women (what it is and what it’s not), and how the new era of Promise Keepers will reshape this and the next generation of men.

FamilyTalk / Dobson Institute
Hear the July 2020 Promise Keepers plans in this interview with the Dobson Institute. How will PK reach hundreds of thousands of men per year by having one stadium event?

Are we about to experience a revival among American men? What is toxic masculinity and is it related to Christian manhood?

Mornings with Eric and Brigitte
Ken Harrison talks about the movie, The Joker, and what its success says about the issues plaguing society today.

Ed Boston Podcast
Ken Harrison speaks with Ed Boston about situational awareness and how it applies to manhood.

Ken & Deb in the Mornings
How do men become leaders? Moody Radio’s interview with Ken Harrison touches on this key question.

No Shame Podcast
Ken Harrison speaks with John Grooters on the No Shame Podcast about Promise Keeper’s goal to support men after PK events by connecting them with local men’s ministries.

Pat Williams Power Hour
On the air with Pat Williams, Ken Harrison speaks on Promise Keepers’ efforts as a voice against pornography.

700 Club
How did Christian men lose their identities? This interview with Ken Harrison highlights the need for courage and Biblical leadership.

Livin’ the Bream
Ken Harrison speaks with Shannon Bream on servanthood as the heart of masculinity, and the difference between manhood and chauvinism.

Listening In
WORLD Radio’s Warren Smith interviews Ken Harrison about Promise Keepers’ past, society’s vision of “toxic” masculinity, and what Promise Keepers means today.

New Life LIVE!
In this dynamic call-in radio show, Ken joins Steve Arterburn, Larry Sonnenburg, and Dr. Sheri Keffer to answer questions about tough real-life issues.

Key Life Network
Ken Harrison talks with the Steve Brown about the day his ambitions were challenged by God and how he was led to re-launch Promise Keepers.

Stand in the Gap TV
Why is Satan intent on attacking gender? Because by destroying gender as God designed it, he can destroy the image of God.

K-Love Radio
Ken Harrison speaks about the gospel, grace, and men’s calling to walk in strength for Christ.

Are You Real? Podcast
What does it mean to be a man in today’s world? Rise of the Servant Kings is a guide to discipleship for men, but even women are raving about the chapter dedicated to marriage.

The Kindling Fire
In this podcast, Ken shares the future of Promise Keepers, and how personal obedience as a leader leads to blessings for others.